5 Poor Excuses Why People Let Go Of Their Dreams

We all have dreams — things we want to do, experience or have in life. If we don’t have dreams, then we have no chance of a dream coming true for us.

The sad reality is only a small percentage of people actually have the courage to go after their dreams. They fall victim to circumstances, conditions and the environment, which causes them to stop pursuing their dreams.

Not only does letting go of our dreams affect us mentally and emotionally, it can also cause us to:

  • Become cynical or even jealous of those who are going for their dreams.
  • Check out of life, with nothing to look forward to.
  • Suppress our real feelings because we are disappointed, either with ourselves or with the world.
  • Live a life without inspiration or the motivation to get ahead.
  • Lose confidence in our ability to achieve the success we want.

Why most people quit on their dreams