5 Surprising Reasons Why People Tolerate Bad Behaviour

Things to be Aware of so That You Can Make Better Choices in Life

There is a major shift happening in the world where certain behaviours that may have been tolerated in the past are now no longer acceptable.

A global awakening is occurring where different biases that may involve gender, race, religious or cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation or preference, or political views are not excuses for behaving in ways that may cause harm to another person or violate their rights.

This is a good time to look at why certain behaviours may be tolerated, without any judgment, so that we can have more awareness of what’s acceptable and what’s not, and be in a better position to make choices that will support us in accomplishing what we want, without putting ourselves at risk.

When I graduated from university and started a career in manufacturing and logistics, I worked for a packaging company that consisted of a site manager and a few supervisors who were responsible for different departments. My initial role was in planning and purchasing so I didn’t have direct responsibility for workers on the shop floor.

Things we should tolerate