5 Surprising Reasons Why Procrastination Will Reduce Your Happiness

Ignoring These Will Affect How You Feel On a Consistent Basis

Procrastination is often the label given when we do not take action, or when we start something and do not see it all the way through to completion.

At some point in time, even the most productive and focused people succumb to procrastination. We may not even realise it, but procrastination will affect our happiness and how we feel each day.

Why do we Procrastinate?

There are a number of reasons why people procrastinate and these include:

  • Having conflicting priorities.
  • Not having a clear criteria for deciding what to do next or not willing to make a decision on what to do next.
  • Being afraid of making a mistake or doing something wrong, so it is easier not to do anything.
  • Avoiding something because it is uncomfortable, difficult or confronting, so it is easier to do something else.
  • Not believing in ourselves.
  • Not being interested in what we know we should do next.

If we don’t address these things, then we will constantly perpetuate the cycle of being productive, then becoming unproductive for a period of time, before becoming productive again.