5 Reasons Why Quitting is Not Always the Best Option

Things to Remember When Things Get Difficult or Progress is Slow

Although quitting is not always bad, when we do quit on something important to us, it can affect us in many ways.

There will be occasions when quitting on our goals can be the best choice for us at the time, however we have to be mindful it doesn’t become a repetitive pattern.

Reasons Why We Quit

Whenever we quit, we’ll come up with reasons as to why we’ve done so, which in our minds, can be valid reasons. Here are some of the common reasons why we quit.

  • Not seeing improvement or progress.
  • Don’t know what to do to move forward towards something we want.
  • Lack of discipline or motivation because we find ourselves struggling in some way.
  • Don’t have adequate skills or knowledge to make progress.
  • Lack of support or not having a peer group.
  • Lack of confidence or high levels of self-doubt.

If we’re not aware of the reasons why we quit, we may repeat our behaviours, without consciously knowing we’re doing it.

why quitting isn't always bad