5 Useless School Habits That Will Not Make You More Successful

Why You Should Not Let These Ideas You Learned at School Dictate Your Future

For all of us, school plays a major part in shaping our beliefs, values, interests, and who we become as we grow up.

While school is an extremely important part of our early life and upbringing, the things we learn during our time at school does not necessarily mean we’ll be successful in life.

I remember after I finished high school, the next step was to acquire further education by enrolling in a university course. I spent an additional five years acquiring more technical skills via an engineering course.

When I officially finished my studies, I should have been prepared to take on the “real” world and achieve the success the success I wanted. The reality was a totally different story.

Not only did I struggle to find my place in the world, the only thing I knew back then was to look for a “secure” job. As I had acquired an engineering qualification, I realistically had the chance of obtaining a job in that field only.

After struggling to find my first job, which took me seven months, it made me question some of the things I had been led to believe about the importance of school and higher education.

Why school does not always prepare us to be successful in life