5 Reasons Why Waiting For Inspiration To Start Can Be Risky

Should we wait for inspiration to arrive before we decide to do work that matters most to us?

Actually, I decided to wait for inspiration to start this article but unfortunately, I was waiting for a long time.

Allowing ourselves to receive inspiration can be valuable because it can:

  • Guide us to take the right actions at the right time.
  • Accelerate our progress towards what we want.
  • Generate consistent momentum.
  • Keep us aligned to what’s in our highest good.
  • Give us the clarity we need to make good decisions.

The danger is, unless we have intentionally cultivated practices that can put us in a state to receive inspiration, those flashes of inspiration may not arrive on a consistent basis. And if we have the mindset that we can do our best only after we are inspired to act, then we won’t maintain any consistent momentum in our pursuit of what we want.