The People You Will Lose In Life and How To Cope With It

Practical Ways To Go On With Your Life After Losing Someone

One of the great things about life is that we will constantly be interacting with different people.

Some of them will become important to us, whereas some will drop out of our lives at some point in time. It has been said that, on average, we will interact with and have some sort of a relationship with around two hundred and fifty people throughout the course of our lives.

With the technology available today, that figure may actually be in question. One thing that will not change however, is that we all will lose people at some point in our lives. Knowing that gives us the opportunity to mentally prepare for it so that when it does happen, we can cope with it and also move on with our lives.

If we don’t prepare ourselves beforehand, when we lose someone unexpectedly, it can:

  • Cause us to go into a downward spiral emotionally.
  • Make us lose perspective of what is truly important.
  • Cause us to question our self-worth.
  • Slow down our progress towards what we want.
  • Affect our daily interactions with other people.


Losing someone can be difficult, but like almost every challenge in life, we can be better off for the experience if we’re willing to do what’s required to overcome any loss.

Here are some people we will lose at some point in our lives, along with a reminder on how to cope with it so that the loss does not affect us in a detrimental way.

  1. Death of someone significant. This may include parents, siblings, grandparents, a child, relatives, friends, colleagues or co-workers. Life and death go hand-in-hand. While death is very rarely expected, when we do experience it, one of the best things we can do is to go through the grieving process we need to at the right time. It is also advisable to reach out for extra support during such periods.
  2. Family members. Our relatives, especially our cousins, are usually our first friends in life. As we grow older, family circumstances may change, which can include a relocation, or families drifting apart. A way to overcome this is to strengthen the relationships we do have with the family members that are still in our lives.
  3. School friends. Naturally as we get older, friends we had in school will drop out as we start interacting with new people. As our interests evolve in life, we will find we don’t have things in common anymore and drift apart. Developing new friendships to replace friends we lose is obviously the intelligent thing to do.
  4. Work colleagues. In previous generations, it was very common for people to stay with one company for the majority of their working lives. Today however, it’s more accepted for people to change jobs numerous times throughout their working career. Again, one way to cope with losing work colleagues is to start forming relationships with our new colleagues.
  5. Teachers or mentors you’ve outgrown. As we grow, we will be attracted to people who we believe can be a positive influence in our lives and help us get to where we want to go. Over time, the teachers or mentors we were once close to will be replaced by new teachers and mentors. The key lesson here is to listen to our heart, trust our intuition and follow what we are attracted to.
  6. People who have let you down. It is inevitable that whenever we deal with people, we’ll be let down at some point. While it may not always be intentional, these experiences can have a major effect on the different relationships we have. Cutting someone out of our lives should be the last resort. We should always attempt to address a situation with the person involved and reach an amicable solution.
  7. People who you have let down. We all make mistakes and sometimes we will let others down as well. In such instances, we must take personal responsibility and make the situation right. We can choose to be right or we can choose to continue to have a relationship with someone who we consider to be important. Just being able to say, “I’m sorry and how can I make the situation right?’ is a good starting point.

People will come into and go out of our lives as long as we’re alive. I believe everyone has something valuable to teach us, so it’s up to us to learn the lessons we need to from those who we have lost in life. Every lesson we learn will help make us the person we know we can be and the person we want to be.

Action Step: Reflect back on someone who you may have lost recently. What were some of the lessons you learned and what can you do differently next time you’re in a similar situation?

Question: Who are other people we may lose in life and how can be cope with it?

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