This Simple Formula Will Get You Closer To Your Dreams

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals With These Five Easy Steps

One thing we all have in common is the desire to continually grow and evolve. Making progress is a sign we’re headed somewhere in life.

Since an early age in life, we’ve been able to use our imagination to dream of the things we want to do, experience or have. Whether we’ve been able to achieve or live our dreams or not is an indicator if we’ve lived a good life or not.

There are important differences between those who dream up a dream and achieve it versus those who don’t achieve their dreams. It’s been said that a dream cannot come true if we don’t have a dream to begin with.

What often makes a dream more concrete is to convert it into a goal. While dreams are often intangible and unquantifiable, goals on the other hand, are more tangible and measurable. A simple distinction is a goal is a dream with a deadline.

Having dreams means we:

  • Have something to aim for.
  • Are challenging ourselves to grow.
  • Have a desire for something better.
  • Are keeping ourselves motivated.
  • Are not settling for what we already have.

Knowing how to stay focused on our dreams and be able to get back on track if we start heading in the wrong direction is beneficial if we want to get closer to and eventually achieve our dreams.

Steps to achieve your dreams

Many years, I listened to an educational program, where in one of the lessons, the presenter asked to write down a list of 101 goals or dreams I wanted to achieve in life. The presenter also said not to continue on with the program until I had completed my list.

As I started the exercise, the first few goals or dreams were easy to list down. After I reached about twenty, I started to struggle to come up with new items. It took me three days to eventually reach 101 goals.

What made it easier for me was to categorise them according to:

  • Places I want to visit.
  • People I want to meet.
  • Things I want to do or experiences I want to have.
  • Things I want to own.

Having dreams has given me a sense of purpose and meaning to what I’m doing daily. A dream I’m currently working towards is to serve people all around the world to be able to transform and master their lives through different online courses or training programs and membership communities.

5 Steps to Get You Closer to Your Dream

  1. Dream and visualise it. Before a dream can become a reality, it has to be formed in the mind first. We have to form a clear mental picture of what it’ll be like to achieve our dream and be emotionally connected to it.
  2. Believe it’s possible for you. Lack of belief often stops people from realising their dreams. We have to first believe that achieving our dream is possible and we also have to believe it’s possible for us.
  3. Develop a plan to make it a reality. A plan gives us direction or a roadmap we can follow to get to our dream. We can create a plan based on what we know now and as we start making progress, we can update our plan to reflect where we are on our journey.
  4. Take the right actions. A dream cannot come true without taking some sort of action. Not all actions are equal and not all of them will work out. As we take one action, we’ll be informed whether it got us closer to our dream or not. Our focus should be on ensuring we overcome obstacles along the way and keep taking correction actions to continually make progress.
  5. Continually review your progress. Our results will continually provide feedback whether we’re on the right track or not. It’s up to us to make the necessary adjustments if we find we’re getting off track. Reviewing our progress will also help us identify how we can do things better.

If we follow these steps and stay committed to our dream, it’ll only be a matter of time before we achieve it.

Important Things to Remember As You Start Moving Closer to Your Dream

Other things to be aware of:

  1. Struggle will be part of the journey so we have to learn to embrace it, while continually making progress.
  2. Having support can accelerate our progress and help us get to our dream faster.
  3. Drop in motivation is common so it’s best to have someone hold us accountable as we pursue our dream.
  4. Our commitment will be tested many times so having a strong reason for why we want to achieve a particular dream will help keep us committed.
  5. Remember to enjoy the process while achieving your dream.

Our dreams help define who we want to become and what we want to pursue in life. The bigger our dreams, the bigger impact we can make with our families, communities or the world.

Action Step: Identify a dream you’re currently pursuing or want to achieve and use these steps to give it more focus and energy.

Question: What is something else to remember as we pursue our dreams?

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