Three Benefits of Speaking at a TEDx Event

Mon Sep 30, 2013

It was exactly a year ago today that I had the opportunity to speak at a TEDx event in Chennai, India.

It was a wonderful learning experience that brought about many benefits.

Here are three benefits that I have identified from speaking at a TED or TEDx event.

    1. You will improve your speaking skills. As part of the TEDx requirements, each speaker goes through seven iterations before they speak on stage. This includes having your speech reviewed by representatives from TEDx, filming yourself giving your presentation and doing a full dress rehearsal before the actual event.

      At each step in the process, I felt I improved my skills as a speaker.

    2. You gain credibility by associating with a recognised brand. TED and TEDx are globally recognised brands and by speaking on their stage, you instantly gain credibility and authority as a speaker. I was fortunate that I was invited to speak at a TEDX event in Chennai, India which meant I was also gaining credibility as an international speaker.

      You can also link yourself to other well-known names who have spoken on a TED or TEDx stage, such as Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Anthony Robbins, etc.

    3. You will meet and form new connections with so many wonderful people. TEDx events attract big thinkers and people who want to make a lasting impact on the world. By being at a TEDx event, you will have the opportunity to network with so many high achievers which can have long-term benefits.

      When I spoke at TEDxChennai, I was fortunate that I had several colleagues speaking at the same event and I was able to strengthen my relationships with many of them.

These are some benefits I have identified for speaking at a TEDx event. I am sure there are many more benefits.

Question: What are some other benefits of speaking on well-recognised global stages?


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