Three Lessons I Learned Listening to Brendon Burchard at the National Achievers Conference

Last month I had the opportunity to attend a conference at which Brendon Burchard, author of The Millionaire Messenger, was one of the speakers.

I have been a student of Brendon’s work for over three years now and it was the first time I had the opportunity to see him present live.

best lessons from Brendon Burchard

Here are three of the lessons I took away from his 90-minute presentation.

Lesson #1: There are only two things that is going to change your life

  • Something new comes into your life, or
  • Something new comes from within you.

In order to create or achieve something new, one of these two things need to be true. It is about being consistent with your actions in order to experience the change you are looking for.

Lesson #2: The new currency is content

As an expert or a person of authority, who wants to get paid for sharing what you know, you must add value in your marketplace. In order to get paid more, you must add more value. That means, you need to consistently create content that is of high value.

Brendon is a master in helping experts monetize who they are and what they know. He has a program called Experts Academy, which is renowned for teaching you exactly how to position yourself as an expert and build a business around your expertise.

Lesson #3: There are three ways to become an expert

  1. You can do research on your topic of interest and share what you have researched. This is called the Reporter Expert. A good example of a reporter expert was Napoleon Hill, who wrote the all-time classic, Think and Grow Rich.
  2. You can go out and get results in your area of expertise and share how you got those results. This is called the Results Expert. An example of a results expert can be someone who has written a best-selling book and can now share their tools and strategies they applied to achieve that result.
  3. You can become a role model. Traditionally, a role model is not generally though of as an expert but think about it… people will listen to those they trust, respect, admire and follow. If people believe you are a good person and can be trusted, they will ask you for all sorts of advice, even if you may not be “qualified” to do so.

The key here is not to discount or disregard what you know. Someone will find value in what you know and it is for you to share your experiences with others.

Question: Do you agree with these lessons? What other lessons have you learned from Brendon Burchard or any other expert?