Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Do The Things You Want To Do

It is a common practice for so many people to put off doing the things they really want to until they believe the time is right.

The belief that there will be a “right” time to do something stops so many of us experiencing life fully now.

Some common examples of the things we tend to put off doing until we believe the time is right include:

  • Following our passions instead of being stuck in a job or career we don’t like.
  • Starting our own business because we keep hearing the economy is not good at the moment.
  • Working long hours because we believe we don’t have the time to take care of ourselves physically, mentally or emotionally.
  • Staying in a relationship that is not serving us because the kids are still young and will be affected.
  • Failing to promote our skills or expertise because we believe we haven’t got enough experience or achieved enough success yet.

The cost of waiting for the perfect time to do what we really want to is that it keeps us stuck in a reality we don’t enjoy, which in turn, affects our mindset or attitude about our life.

The truth is we cannot control the past or the future. All we ever have is the present moment. We can learn from our past and do the best we can to create a better future for ourselves, but the only thing we can control is what we think, feel and do in the right now.

Things stopping us living our dreams

I remember when I first started working after finishing my university studies, it didn’t take too long for me to realise that the career I had spent so many years studying for, was not what I truly wanted to do in life. Once I started learning more about myself and what I could possibly do in life, I wanted to do what some of my mentors were doing, which included running workshops and seminars, speaking and offering coaching programs.

However, I believed I wasn’t “ready” to start because I had no experience or track record of helping others get better results. Instead, I spent the next fours years trying to get myself “ready” by attending more training programs and workshops, and learning as much as I could, hoping I would know when the perfect time would be to get started.

Looking back, I would have been better off doing a combination of learning and gaining experience at the same time, instead of trying to acquire knowledge only because gaining hands-on or on-the-job experience is the one of the most effective ways to get better at anything.

Not only did it cost me four years of gaining valuable experience, I also did not give myself the opportunity to serve others during that time just because I was waiting for the perfect time to get started. I eventually made a decision to get started and have been doing the work I want to do ever since.

If you have been waiting for a sign or the perfect time to do something you want to, then this is it. Plus, here are five reasons why now is the perfect time to get started and do the things you really want to do.

  1. Life is very short. We all say how fast weeks, months or years go by. Every day, we get the chance to make a difference and contribute in some way. The truth is we don’t know how much time we have left on Earth. Our life can be cut short anytime so it makes sense to make the most of the time we do have now.
  2. By taking action now, you will receive valuable feedback faster. A lot of times, we hesitate to take action because we fear the unknown or we don’t have enough confidence. We can only get to a new destination if we take a new course of action. The end result of taking new actions will reveal whether we’re taking the right actions or whether we need to make changes to what we are doing.
  3. You will develop new memories. Most of our fondest memories in life are of times when we have experienced something different or done something for the first time. Whether it is travelling to a new destination or taking on a new challenge, we tend to appreciate those experiences a lot more than our typical day-to-day activities.
  4. Conditions or circumstances may not improve in the future. Whenever we rely on external conditions or circumstances improving before we make a decision to something we want to do, we are giving our power to things outside of ourselves to determine whether we can have what we want. Our true power lies within ourselves. The only things we are ever in control of are the thoughts we think, the emotions we generate and the actions we take.
  5. Life is what we make of it, not what we are given. There are statistics which reveal that more than 50% of men die within three years after they retire from work. If that is not an incentive to enjoy life while we still have our health and are able to do things we want to, then we really need to get some help. We have the opportunity every day to do the best we can with the awareness, skills, knowledge and abilities we have.

We may or may not necessarily have more time in the future to do what we want, so putting off doing the things we want to will not serve us. Whenever we start questioning whether we should or shouldn’t do something, one question we can ask ourselves is, “When will now be the best time to do it?”

Action Step: Consider one important thing you have been putting off and ask yourself what are the real reasons why you have been putting it off, and what would it take for you to start taking action towards achieving it. Then take one action this week to get started.

Question: What could be another reason why now is the perfect time to do the things we want to?

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