Why You Must Be Able to Lead Yourself First Before Leading Others

Leader’s are often regarded as role models. They are looked upon as having integrity, experience and able to make decisions for the betterment of all concerned.

However, before being able to lead others effectively, it is vital that a leader is able to lead him or herself first.

how to lead others

Why is that the case? Why must you, as a leader, be able to lead yourself first before you leading others?

Have you heard the expression, “You cannot give what you haven’t got?” You cannot lead others if you cannot lead yourself first.

Here are five reasons why leading yourself effectively first will enable you to lead by example and make you a better leader for others.

  1. You will develop self-discipline. Discipline is simply giving yourself a command and following it through to the end. By developing self-discipline, you will be more consistent and follow-through on your commitments as a leader. This will enhance your ability to influence and build greater trust with those you lead.
  2. You will hold yourself to a higher standard. By raising the bar on your own performance and expectations, you announce to others that you will only expect the best from everyone. By challenging yourself to be the best you can be, you invite others to do the same and take them to a level of performance they had not previously reached.
  3. You will develop the habit of taking action. Taking action goes hand-in-hand with making decisions. The more decisions you make to improve yourself, the more positive effect it will have on those you lead. Taking action is critical in order to get things done and show others that you are a person who completes things.

    It can be very frustrating to have a lot of things incomplete but if you can demonstrate to others that you are a person who like to finish projects or task, that will boost the confidence your people have in you as a leader.

  4. You will become accountable to yourself. This is very similar to taking action however it goes one step further. By being accountable, not only do you get things done, but you are willing to pay a price if you do not get things done by the date it was expected to get done.

    Accountability to yourself and others is a critical element of strong leadership. By willing to accept the consequences of failure to get something done, you develop more resolve and a greater commitment to getting the job done.

  5. You will practice patience. Leaders know that things do not always go as planned. Instead of getting frustrated or even start to resort to blame, you recognise that as long as you have done the best you can, the result you want will come in due course.

    You develop the habit of being patient with yourself, and in turn, you will develop being patient with others. Recognising that not everyone does things equally well will go a long way to earning the respect of others.

Question: What are some other reason why you must be able to lead yourself first before leading others?

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